Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter is a political commentator and author of New York Times best sellers such as "Adios America". She is coming to Texas A&M on November 17th to speak about the State of the Union and current events related to the Biden Administration.



Lily Kate @ Texas A&M University

Lily Kate is a Turning Point USA Ambassador from the Woodlands, Tx. Lily started her own ministry (https://www.livefreelyministries.com/). She is writing a book titled “Live Freely: the Ticket,” which will be published soon, and started a conservative political podcast called The Lily Kate Show – found on Spotify and Apple music.

Alex Clark

Alex Clark is a Turning Point USA Contributor, and host of the first ever conservative pop culture daily show: “POPlitics” from Turning Point USA. She covers entertainment news and “pop culture without the propaganda” with a bonus of wit and humor all through a refreshingly right-of-center lens. Alex spent 7 years in pop radio and recently co-hosted a #1 rated syndicated morning show based out of in Indianapolis, IN, before joining Turning Point USA.

Alex Clark w. Turning Point and Network of Enlighted Women Officer teams

Conservative Coalition Scavenger Hunt

The Conservative Coalition, which is a group of the top 7 conservative/libertarian/moderate organizations on campus, hosted a scavenger hunt for the members.

Credit: Turning Point, Aggie Libertarians, Young Americans for Freedom, TAMU Moderates, Network of Enlightened Women, College Republicans, Young Conservatives of Texas

Profit Share w. Blaze Pizza

Turning Point members came out to Blaze Pizza for a profit share event to help raise money for the organization to host speakers and fun events